Summer’s Eve Has No Balls

Advertising, Creativity Jul 27, 2011 1 Comment

Talking Anatomy Draws Little Attention

Under fire from critics, Summer’s Eve yanked a series of ad spots by Dallas creative shop The Richards Group from the company’s recent “Hail to the V” campaign. Criticism primarily centered around some allegedly racially stereotyped voice over work of talking hand puppets that represent three different women’s vaginas. The critics, however, didn’t seem to express any issues with the concept of talking vaginas. Go figure…

Stick with Your Gut

Considering the current state of Top 40 music — rap and pop included — and the often deplorable depiction of minorities in television and movies, we’d rather the brand have stuck by their guns and let these examples of refreshing (no pun intended) creativity reign.

Summer’s Eve’s talking vagina has no balls.

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  1. GreyMatter says:

    Hey Nancey. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on our post. While we don’t necessarily agree on all points, I think we do agree that there is likely something both good and bad about this series of ads. Our original blogger was more surprised that the objections to the spots weren’t based on the concept of talking anatomy, versus voice over dialogue similar to any of that found on any one of several popular network sitcoms. Sometimes it’s just good to stick by the intent of the creative. But we totally get your point. Thx again.

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