Now, the Unacceptable “R” Word

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The Dictionary of Unspoken Words

There’s the “C” word. The “N” word. The “S” word. And the regular old stand-by “F” word. (Both the 3-letter one, as well as the 4-letter one.)

Now we’ve got a new “Speak Not” 6-letter word highlighted in an extremely effective PSA from the Joe Kennedy Jr. Foundation for the Benefit of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities — the “R” Word.

Glee Actors Promote Powerful Concept

With the help of Glee’s Lauren Potter and Jane Lynch, “Not Acceptable” is a powerful spot that takes a no-holds barred approach towards attitudes concerning mental and intellectual disabilities. No matter your perspective, this new spot from goes where most refuse dare tread.

When Shock and Awe Turns Positive

If you’re not paying attention to the screen when the spot airs during your fave reality show, you may be shocked when you hear what’s coming out of your television’s speakers. Another example of creativity that pushes the boundaries of generally accepted comfort levels. Great. Thoughtful. Brilliant work.

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