How Twitter and Tats Will Change the World

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What’s up with this trend toward “Twactivism?”

Can the many catastrophes (both natural and man-made) currently sweeping across the globe really be influenced, or even fixed, by Twitter? Admittedly, Twitter’s shown an innate ability to be a powerful tool for organizing social change. Refer to this week’s London riots (for better or worse), the ongoing uprisings in too many Arab countries to mention, and during anti-government demonstrations by Moldovan citizens back in 2009.

Tweets and Tats for Change

But can tweeting while tatting really change the world? The Social Tattoo Project hopes so. The Project is yet another organization currently involved in attempting to spread awareness about the ails of society via Twitter. The group is encouraging us to “care” about world headlines long after they disappear from our RSS feed. Probably a valiant cause, either way you look at it.

Of Ink and Trending Topics

Tattooed love boys, or merely pretenders? We have yet to see. Social Tattoo Project volunteers are encouraged to ink themselves with eternal art representing a current trending world view. For each tattoo, the group pledges to post 4 trending topics on Twitter; and the most tweeted trend will be the subject of the tattoo. Other Tweeters vote by including #SOCIALTATTOO and their favorite trend to @social_tattoo in an effort to ensure these activistic tats will “make what the world empathizes with today, what you care about forever.”

We like Twitter. And we like Tats. And if together the two can change the world, we’re in.

If not, the broadcast spot isn’t half bad either. At least there’s ink and some skin.

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