A Crash Course in Social Media that’s Both Fast and Free!

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Figuring it All Out

Feel like the “Love Train” of Social Media has left you at the station?
Did the “Magic Bus” pass you by on the Information Superhighway?
Is Social Media just too much “Mystery Machine” for you to figure out?

Well, as you might expect, the Interwebs ain’t Al Gore’s Internet anymore. But, here’s a crash course on what you should be doing to understand Social Media Marketing today.

Beware the “Experts”

There are lots of agencies, organizations, “gurus,” “experts” and more that offer Social Media classes for a fee. Some are better than others. And, you can probably get the basics from these sources, if you want to part with some money. However, we’d recommend you turning first to the Internet where you can get the same info for free. Only invest in pay-for resources once you’ve decided the direction you want to take your brand.

1. Graduate from Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing University

While not exactly for those seeking immediate gratification, the Hubspot Inbound Marketing courses will take some investment — time. Sixteen hours of courses that provide the fundamentals of Social Media marketing and a basic understanding of all you need to get started. The course includes classes on social media, SEO, landing pages, design, and a whole lot more. Best of all, a degree from Hubspot University is 100% Free!

2. Read the Best Social Media Blogs

Take some time and poke around the old standbys like Mashable, Social Media Examiner and Techcrunch. (We like them so much they’re in our Blogroll over there on the right. —>) There’s going to be a lot of content on each of these blogs that may make some newbie heads swim. But if you can keep from drowning in info overload, let the more heady stuff wash over you’re more familiar with what you’re doing. Just keep digging. You’ll find loads of invaluable information that will get you on your way.

3. Watch All the YouTube Videos You Can

Yep. That’s right. Just sit back, relax and watch some videos. YouTube is a great source for commentary and opinion on what you should be doing. Again, watch out for the “experts.” There are lot of ‘em on YouTube. Use the social power of the site itself and stick with the highest rated videos. And you’ll be well on your way.

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3 Responses to “A Crash Course in Social Media that’s Both Fast and Free!”

  1. GreyMatter says:

    Thanks Andrew X. We appreciate your comments and hope you do come back often.

  2. Tom Video says:

    Very insightful article! I discovered your site through chance while I was surfing about this very thing on Ask search engine. I’m glad that I did because you have given me something to re-examine and consider my stance Regards!

    • GreyMatter says:

      Mr. Video. :) While we’re an agency that’s in the business of providing, among other things, social marketing solutions for our clients, we always caution to beware the “experts.” Especially those who charge for counsel that can otherwise be found at no cost.

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