Social Media Audits: Why Give Them Away for Free?

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Are We Crazy, or What?

Recently, the subject of whether or not to offer prospective client’s a no-cost social media audit was posed by our new business team. There was heated debate on both sides of the fence. The prevailing concern was why would we offer something so valuable to prospective clients when they weren’t even an actual client?

As you might imagine, this generated a variety of other questions. But when everything was hashed out, we decided that offering such a service would be an interesting way to illustrate our commitment to social media while also providing a much needed service that clearly exhibits our approach to marketing. So, we are doing just that.

Create a Wishlist

We first began with a Wishlist. Every member of our staff identified a group of organizations — some large, some small — that we would like to work with. While not an entirely new approach, we added the offer to conduct a full-blown Social Media audit of current campaigns for these Wishlist clients. The response was overwhelming.

Overwhelming Response

To date, we’ve conducted valuable Social Media audits for 66% of the clients to which the program was offered. And we’ve found some interesting things. Primarily, that most small to medium businesses that we’ve contacted are not effectively using the social media tools available to them, resulting in less than effective campaigns.

Social Media is Here to Stay

If your organization is confused by social media, doesn’t know how to use it, or just wants it to go away, think again. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through a process that works for you. Whether that be the development of an overall plan for your internal resources to implement, or our complete monitoring and management of your social media communities.

If you would like to add your group to our Wishlist and have us conduct a no-cost Social Media Audit of your activities, leave a comment and we’ll be in touch.

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