Filmspiration: Danny MacAskill’s Industrial Revolution BMX Ballet

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Danny MacAskill Takes Us On Another Breathtaking Journey

Danny MacAskill is possibly the best street trials pro BMX bicycle rider in the world. From Scotland, the 25-year-old MacAskill first became an Internet sensation in 2009 with the release of his first stunt cycling video on YouTube for Inspired Bicycles.

Also known as “Danny MegaSkill” for his daring jumps, tricks and oft-considered crazed risk-taking, MacAskill has released the latest in a series of compelling videos highlighting his intricate art and phenomenal athleticism. With his bike as extension of his own body, MacAskill takes us on a beautifully choreographed and thrilling cycling ballet through an abandoned Scottish train yard in “Industrial Revolution.” This short film was directed by Stu Thomson of CutMedia for the documentary Concrete Circus and includes music from Ben Howard’s “The Wolves.”

A big thanks goes out to Danny and the crew at CutMedia and Red Bull for enriching our lives and inspiring us to go that one step further. Take a break from whatever you’re doing. It’ll be five minutes out of your day that you’ll remember forever.

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