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USA for UNHCR Paints Chicago Blue as Refugee Campaign Comes to Drake Hotel

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UN Refugee Agency Blue Key Campaign Comes to Chicago

Join the Blue Key Campaign as it Storms into Chicago

Help us paint the town. Not red. But blue! Join us in supporting the USA for UNHCR Blue Key Campaign as it comes to Chicago for a one-night only meet-and-greet at the world-famous Drake Hotel on Monday, December 5, 2011.

The Blue Key Campaign is an initiative of the USA for UNHCR UN Refugee Agency and commemorates 60 years of working to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees and internally displaced people. The goal of the campaign is to generate awareness to the vast refugee crisis taking place around the globe by selling 6,000 Blue Keys by December 31, 2011. By supporting the campaign and purchasing a key, you will send the message to the millions of refugees worldwide that they’re not invisible. That they matter. And that you care.

The Tweet-Up is Almost Here

The Chicago Tweet-Up is sponsored by Blue Key Corporate Champions Ragan Communications — publisher of corporate communication, public relations, health care and leadership development newsletters and events — and Cision, provider of global public relation software and media tools. In addition, the event will be hosted by Chicago Blue Key Champions Gini Dietrich (Arment Dietrich), Sean McGinnis (312 Digital) and Anthony Rivera (Grey Matter).

Get your tickets today as time is running out. Ticket price covers the cost of your very own Blue Key and admission to the event. You’ll also have a chance to meet and mingle with countless other Blue Key supporters and local Chicago social media, public relations, and creative industry professionals.

43,700,000 Reasons to Show You Care

When you read the statistics, they are staggering. Currently, there are more than 43.7 million refugees worldwide. That’s more than the population of the 10 largest US cities combined! Many of the displaced are women and children. And every single refugee has been forced to flee their homes due to war, conflict or persecution. Through no fault of their own, the door to their homes have been closed and their futures forever changed. The symbol of USA for UNHCR, the Blue Key, has been chosen to illustrate how a safe, secure home can be found for these many refugees. But this task can’t be accomplished without your help and support.

Show Your Support For Blue Key — Animated Counter Widgets

Another way you can show your support for the Blue Key Campaign, is to place one of the following counters on your website or blog. Our agency developed this Blue Key Counter Widget that has been called both ‘nifty’ and ‘cool.’ (A working version is located at the top of this page.)

The counter gives supporters the ability to track ongoing sales of blue keys and to view firsthand how their work is helping support the campaign to open the door to a new life for millions of very needy people around the world. We also think it’s a pretty neat addition to any site. And there are three sizes to choose from!

Widget Instructions

Simply copy and paste the following code onto your site. If you have any questions about the Blue Key Counter, feel free to contact us at Grey Matter Interactive Support.

Large Blue Key Counter Widget (202px x 302px):

 <iframe src="" width="202" height="302" frameborder="0" style="margin: 0;"><p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p></iframe>

Medium Blue Key Counter Widget (178px x 266px):

 <iframe src="" width="178" height="266" frameborder="0" style="margin: 0;"><p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p></iframe>

Small Blue Key Counter Widget (154px x 227px):

 <iframe src="" width="154" height="227" frameborder="0" style="margin: 0;"><p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p></iframe>

Nikki Reed and MTV Want You to Give a Shit

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Yes. Seriously

No, it’s not the latest parody ad from the crew at SNL. However, it plays like one.

MTV, having offered up some of the edgiest and most ground-breaking PSAs in the business for years, has created a new social conscious raising organization that claims to actually give a shit. Yes, you heard it — The goal of the Give-A-Shit movement is to encourage young people to take a real, hard look at the world and to start caring about the problems they see. Among these issues are the Riots in England, the AIDS pandemic, bullying, drugs, the proliferation of guns, child abuse and illiteracy.

Elevating the Consciousness of the Masses

Enlisting the help of actress Nikki Reed, MTV and Give-A-Shit have launched a new PSA airing on the network that hopes to capitalize on the power of mass consciousness. The spot urges viewers to express their concerns on a variety of societal issues by using personal Twitter and Facebook accounts to champion chosen causes. Viewers are encouraged to use their time wisely, even capitalizing on that veritable moment of God-given contemplation to send tweets and updates while perched on the seat of the toilet — thus, showing they “give a shit” even while (ahem) taking one.

Why Not Give a Shit?

Perhaps the power of global mass consciousness does have the ability to affect change. For years, a number of New Agers have actively supported and tested this concept on a metaphysical level, claiming some success. We say that if anyone can get today’s youth to care about anything (even if that thing is “Jersey Shore”), it would be MTV. And considering the current state of our world, with children working in sweatshops so folks can buy $5 tees from the big box, or as climate change continues to cause some of the most horrific disasters we’ve ever seen, embracing the concept that global mass consciousness may offer a solution can’t be all bad.

For more information, visit Or tweet your concerns using #GIVEASHIT. Hey, it can’t hurt.