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Artspiration: Stunning and Spooky, Massive Miniatures Built from Lego Blocks

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Lego Brand Building Block Models by Artist Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle is an accomplished artist whose chosen medium of Lego brand building blocks provides an interesting application for miniature modeling. Doyle’s models are not exactly ‘miniature’ in the proper sense of the word, but instead stand several feet tall. And while not created specifically for Halloween, we thought these images of Doyle’s sometimes spooky, always awesome work would be a perfect kick-off to the month of October.

Doyle, who has devoted his creative pursuits to building things out of Lego blocks, humbly talks about his talents:

“Some ask if Lego brick building is Art. To me, that is like asking is sculpting with clay, Art. Well… it could potentially be. Anything, absolutely anything can be made into Art in the right hands, even the ‘child’s toy’ Lego. In the end, bricks are a medium, like oil paint or clay or pixels on a screen. It’s what you do with them that matters.”

More than 130,000 individual plastic blocks went into the construction of “Victorian on Mud Heap.” This model alone took more than 600 hours to complete. “Victorian on a Mud Heap” is an intensely intricate replica of a once-beautiful, but now decaying home left unattended. Also included are two other models — “Three Story Victorian with Tree” and “Two Story Victorian with Basement.”

Learn more about Doyle’s process and detailed explanations of his methodology at Snap blog or follow the individual “The Making Of…” links included below. You can see more images of Doyle’s work on Flickr.

All images copyright Mike Doyle.

Victorian on Mud HeapThe Making Of…

Mike Doyle's Victorian on Mud Heap, Snap Blog

Three Story Victorian with TreeThe Making Of…

Mike Doyle's Three Story Victorian with Tree - Snap Blog

Two Story with BasementThe Making Of…

Mike Doyle's Two Story with Basement - Snap Blog

Filmspiration: Danny MacAskill’s Industrial Revolution BMX Ballet

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Danny MacAskill Takes Us On Another Breathtaking Journey

Danny MacAskill is possibly the best street trials pro BMX bicycle rider in the world. From Scotland, the 25-year-old MacAskill first became an Internet sensation in 2009 with the release of his first stunt cycling video on YouTube for Inspired Bicycles.

Also known as “Danny MegaSkill” for his daring jumps, tricks and oft-considered crazed risk-taking, MacAskill has released the latest in a series of compelling videos highlighting his intricate art and phenomenal athleticism. With his bike as extension of his own body, MacAskill takes us on a beautifully choreographed and thrilling cycling ballet through an abandoned Scottish train yard in “Industrial Revolution.” This short film was directed by Stu Thomson of CutMedia for the documentary Concrete Circus and includes music from Ben Howard’s “The Wolves.”

A big thanks goes out to Danny and the crew at CutMedia and Red Bull for enriching our lives and inspiring us to go that one step further. Take a break from whatever you’re doing. It’ll be five minutes out of your day that you’ll remember forever.

How Twitter and Tats Will Change the World

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What’s up with this trend toward “Twactivism?”

Can the many catastrophes (both natural and man-made) currently sweeping across the globe really be influenced, or even fixed, by Twitter? Admittedly, Twitter’s shown an innate ability to be a powerful tool for organizing social change. Refer to this week’s London riots (for better or worse), the ongoing uprisings in too many Arab countries to mention, and during anti-government demonstrations by Moldovan citizens back in 2009.

Tweets and Tats for Change

But can tweeting while tatting really change the world? The Social Tattoo Project hopes so. The Project is yet another organization currently involved in attempting to spread awareness about the ails of society via Twitter. The group is encouraging us to “care” about world headlines long after they disappear from our RSS feed. Probably a valiant cause, either way you look at it.

Of Ink and Trending Topics

Tattooed love boys, or merely pretenders? We have yet to see. Social Tattoo Project volunteers are encouraged to ink themselves with eternal art representing a current trending world view. For each tattoo, the group pledges to post 4 trending topics on Twitter; and the most tweeted trend will be the subject of the tattoo. Other Tweeters vote by including #SOCIALTATTOO and their favorite trend to @social_tattoo in an effort to ensure these activistic tats will “make what the world empathizes with today, what you care about forever.”

We like Twitter. And we like Tats. And if together the two can change the world, we’re in.

If not, the broadcast spot isn’t half bad either. At least there’s ink and some skin.

Filmspiration: Riding the Rocket Booster of the Space Shuttle

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Commemorating the Space Shuttle Program

It’s not often you get to take a ride into space.

Perhaps that will change in the near future with commercial travel to the stars, but until then we can only rely on video representations like this very impressive piece of footage compiled from NASA Space Shuttle missions STS-117 and STS-127: Riding the Booster Up and Down in 400 Seconds.

This incredible piece of work is from the upcoming Special Edition Ascent: Commemorating Space Shuttle soon be released on DVD and BluRay. The movie is from the point of view of the Solid Rocket Booster with sound mixing and enhancement done by the folks at Skywalker Sound.

Make sure you watch it full screen and with the sound turned up. Awesome stuff.

Adspiration: Carlsberg Beer ‘Punks’ Moviegoers in Hidden Camera Spot from Duval Guillame Modem Ad Agency

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Exposing Stereotypes

In this inventive spot from Carlsberg Beer, the brewery gives moviegoers more than they bargained for with its own version of a hidden camera stunt in what could be affectionately titled as “Beers Behaving Badly.”

In this installment in the ongoing ‘That Calls for a Carlsberg’ campaign from Belgian ad agency Duval Guillaume Modem, unaware couples planning to take in an evening showing at the Kinepolis Cinema in Brussels, Belgium are greeted with something very special – two empty seats and a 148-member strong, all male audience consisting of the roughest, toughest, and most tattoo-festooned bikers, metal heads and leathermen ever gathered together in one place outside of the mosh pit at a Slayer concert.

Watch what happens, as it speaks for itself.